Sunday, February 10, 2008


I did my first in-class announcement on Friday. I ended up not having to go into work that day, so I had some free time. It was a MAE class with about 40 students present -- I actually got 3 people to sign up! I will work hard to make as many in-class announcements this week as I can. Hopefully we can get more sign-ups! It is still very critical for us to recruit more volunteers, we still don't have as many as we would like. PLEASE consider volunteering! Even if it is only for an hour, it will help more than you know. Plus you will get free breakfast, lunch, an Enspire t-shirt (with the t-shirt, you must sign up by Wednesday), and have so much FUN!

I did not mention that we visited Pershing Middle School a couple weeks ago. We were invited by this school to be panelists at the Eighth Grade Science Fair Exhibition. A total of 10 of us attended including TESC board members, outreach committee members, and Tau Beta Pi members. We all had a blast! We were all so impressed with each student's project and presentation -- the students were well dressed, had excellent posters, and really knew what they were talking about! It really showed that these students put a lot of effort and thought into each of their projects. These are the same students who will be attending Enspire on the 20th. We now know that we will need to work harder to impress these students when they come for Enspire ;)

Enspire Update (from committee meeting)
We will be having a big Costco run next Sunday. We have about 5 cars volunteered so far! We need to purchase food and drinks for the breakfast and lunch. We plan to get everything from muffins to finger foods to utensils and such. The water bottles will definitely take up a lot of space. Michael T. was able to get a bunch of UCSD bags donated from the UCSD Bookstore! We will use those bags to put goodies and information to give to each of the students who attend Enspire. Engineering Student Services was so kind to donate all sorts of UCSD souvenirs to give away to the students. The outreach committee all agreed how cool it is to receive college-related stuff back when we were young (even NOW!), so the students attending will definitely appreciate these gifts.

Stefanie is working to reserve the area under Geisel Library for the design competition. We will also split half of the design competition and hold it in Warren Mall under the "snake path." Stefanie is also hoping to have Associate Dean Ferrante speak at this event -- hopefully Associate Dean Ferrante will be able to attend! An update on the sponsorships we have received: $1300 from Lockheed Martin, $1000 from ViaSat, $1000 from BAE Systems, $250 from Swinerton, and $5000 from the Dean's Office! Addtionally, SPAWAR will be paying for bussing costs for Gompers Middle School. A big applause to Jeff M. for all the hard work he did in obtaining these sponsorships! Enspire definitely could not happen without all this support!

We're looking to get faculty involved in Enspire, too! We will need judges for the design competition and thought this would be a great way to have faculty be a part of our event. Also, the companies who sponsored our event will also be tabling in the Engineering Courtyard along with engineering student organizations. The engineering student organizations will have mini experiments for the students to play with, which should be a lot of fun! Wow, this is so exciting --we will have college students, faculty, and industry all involved in this event!!

I would like take a moment to recognize our Enspire Leaders:
Michael Tartre: Middle School Liaison/fundraiser/prizes
Jeffrey Chi: Alimentary Coordinator
Nick Adams: Design Competition Lead
Wiseley Wu: Student Org Liaison
Sherry Wu: Public Relations Director

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